When to dial 9-1-1

 Call 911 in an emergency when you believe that the immediate response of the police, fire department  or ambulance is needed.

When to call 911?  

  • When you see fire or smoke
  •  When you or someone with you is in danger
  •  When you see a crime being committed
  •  When an ambulance is needed because someone is hurt or sick
  •  When someone is trying to break into your house
  •  When someone is suspicious is prowling around your house or neighborhood
  •  When a child is approached by a stranger

When Not to Call 911?

  •  To obtain weather reports ( National Weather Service )
  •  To report utility problems (such as power outages or phone outages)
  •  To ask for directions or determine roadway names ( GoogleMaps )
  •  To obtain general information pertaining to police reports
  •  To request a taxi cab
  •  To request an ambulance for non-emergency, routine transports
  •  To find out what time it is

  1. Remember that 911 is not for jokes; it is for people that need help. 911 is to be used for reporting emergencies. 
  2. For general information, contact your local law enforcement agency. That
    non-emergency number:  Washington County Sheriff's Office 327-8274, Nashville Police 327-8232, Okawville Police 243-6121.

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